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MBO – U Mall

Although most people who enjoy watching movies in cinema preferred to go to GSC or Cathay cinemas, now they are having another choice to choose which is MBO cinema.


In Johor Bahru, you can find MBO cinema at two most favorite malls. One is located at U Mall, Skudai and the other one is located at KSL City Mall which I somewhere near Taman Abad.

MBO Cineplex at U Mall is at the first floor which is on the opposite side of Giant. There are 5 halls and all of it  comfortable enough to help you enjoy throughout the movie screening. On the other hand, MBO Cineplex at KSL City Mall has 8 movie halls and it is slightly bigger than U Mall. It is located at Level 2 of KSL City Mall. Since this is a new mall, you can expect much from here.

Ticket Pricing

MBO CINEMAS U Mall, Skudai KSL City Mall, JB
Adult *Children/Senior Adult *Children/Senior
Price 9 5 10 7
New 10 5 11 7
2D - - 12 7
3D - - 12++ 7++
Mon Selected 8 5 9 7
Tue Selected 7 5 8 7
Wed Selected 5 5 7 7
Sat/ SunPublic
10 5 11 7

*The ticket prices are as listed except for Children below 12 years.

However, all the ticket prices can be change without prior notice. It is advisable for you to call up if you want to book your seats or perhaps would like to know if there is any change made for the price.

The numbers that you can contact are as follow:

MBO Cineplex,
U Mall, Skudai,
F36, 1st Floor U Mall, 45, Jalan Pulai Utama 20
Taman Pulai Utama, 81110 Skudai, Johor.
Phone Number : 07-521 1025
Fax Number : 07-521 1022

MBO Cineplex,
KSL City Mall,
Level 2-128,KSL City, NO.33 Jalan SeLadang Taman Abad
80250 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim.
Phone Number : 07-3313 540
Fax Number : 07-2891 750

If you are technology savvy, maybe you can just visit http://www.mbocinemas.com for any enquiries and tickets booking.